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If you are interested in buying Bitcoins, Ethereum or any other Cryptocurrencies, you need to have accounts with the following websites. Try to sign up quickly as some of them take a lot of time to approve you in their network.

  1. PocketBits: Sign Up 
  2. Zebpay: Sign Up
  3. Unocoin: Sign Up
  4. Coinbase (for non-Indians): Sign Up
  5. CEX.IO (for UAE users): Sign Up
  6. Changelly: Sign Up
  7. Poloneix: Sign Up
  8. Sign Up
  9. Bittrex: Sign Up
  10. Binance: Sign Up
  11. Liqui: Sign up
  12. EtherDelta: Sign up
  13. Coinexchange: Sign up
  14. Koinex: Sign Up
  15. Ethx (Cheapest site to buy Ethereum directly in INR) - Sign Up

create your accounts

Why PocketBits?

With PocketBits, you can buy Bitcoins. Their charges are highers. But they are fast. From account approval to deposit approval, everything happens in less than 59 minutes.

Why Zebpay? (Recommended)

Zebpay is similar to Pocketbits. Actually, the price keeps changing. Sometimes, you can buy BTC at a much lower rate than other exchanges. It is always better to sign up with them. Wherever you find BTC at a lower price, go with them. They may take up to 3 days to confirm your account. So, without any delay, sign up with them now.

They are only app based.

When you sign up with Zebpay, you will get 100INR worth Bitcoins for free. Signup link

Why Unocoin?

Unocoin is another Pocketbits or Zebpay alternative. Again, the reason is same. You may get much BTC at a lesser price compared to Pocketbits and Zebpay. It is always advised to have an account with multiple exchanges to get the best rate every time. It can save you a lot of money.

Sign up for Unocoin

Why Coinbase?

Coinbase is a wallet. You can store your BTC, Ethereum, and Litecoins in your wallet. Coinbase is very safe and secure. Plus, their UI is super cool. You can always keep a watch on the current price of Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Users from the US can get 10USD free in their account for signing up and trading 100USD with Coinbase. Here is the 10USD Sign Up Link.


From CEX.IO, you can buy Ethereum directly. The best thing is you can use your Credit card to make payment. Great, isn't? You can put your money from a credit card into cryptocurrencies and make profits. Well, you will need to upload your selfie with your credit card and upload it on their website. You will also need to upload your identification card. Once they verify your account, you can use CEX.IO to start buying cryptocurrencies.

Why Changelly?

Changelly will let you convert BTC into Ethereum (or any cryptocurrency to another). Changelly is very easy to use. Without any delay, sign up here. One of the Changelly alternatives is ShapeShift.

Why Poloniex?

With Poloniex, you can buy many alt coins. After buying Bitcoins from Zebpay or Pocketbits, all you have to do is to shift your BTC to your Poloneix wallet and in exchange of Bitcoins, you can get any coins. Plus, their real-time graph is awesome. UI is bad. Sign up here.

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You will be able to buy Ethereum directly from EthexIndia website without you needing to buy Bitcoins and changing it to Ethereum. The only problem is they take 4 weeks to approve your account. So, sign up with them now and by next month you will be able to buy Ethereum directly from them. Last time I checked, they were not taking any more signups.

Why Bittrex?

Bittrex is another Bitcoin exchange platform where you can exchange your Bitcoins for other alt coins. Now, Poloniex also does that. You may ask why sign up with Bittrex then? There are some coins that Poloneix have yet not included. Say, for example, ANT shares (NEO). NEO is available in Bittrex but not Poloniex. It is always good to have an account with multiple exchanges. So without any further delay, sign up with Bittrex now.


Adding Binance to the list as the exchange has a lot of benefits. It is a Chinese exchange and it is the only exchange that gives free GAS for storing NEO coins. Plus, for limited time, they are allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without charging any transactional fee.

Update: When you pay using BNB coins, you also save some transaction fee.


Liqui is another exchange where you must sign up. Coins like DNT can't be bought from anywhere else.

Thank you, everyone, and have a great time. Do not forget to join our Facebook group. Help me share this with your awesome friends 🙂

Happy Investing.


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  1. Akshay 30 June, 2017 at 14:55 Reply


    very good website having how to in investing in btc & eth.

    What is ur view on transaction costs for buying BTC in pocketbits vs
    I understand that pocketbits will levy 18% GST tax for buying & selling bitcoins and taxes plus fees are all included in their current rates.

    Whereas has 3.5% commission + $ 0.25 credit card fees + indian credit card Foreign Transaction Charge (guessing 4%)

    Which will be cheaper?


    • admin 15 August, 2017 at 09:12 Reply

      I have given links to many sites in the article. Create accounts at all the places one by one. You can not buy and sell through Coinbase. However, you can store your Ethereum there.

  2. Meet Prajapati 2 September, 2017 at 18:24 Reply

    Hello. I have 1000RS BITCOIN in my zebpay wallet.i want to buy etherium . Tell me the best exchang to convert Btc into etherium. And guide me how to buy etherium complete process

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