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Month: September 2017

How to use EtherDelta to buy any (ERC) coins

How many of you have missed ICOs and then waited long for the coin to be listed on popular exchanges like Bittrex? Many times, you might have seen the coins hit EtherDelta exchange first, and the price is considerably low. But due to EtherDelta not being user-friendly, most of us wait till it hits Bittrex or Poloniex, and by then the price goes up.

Hence, we are doing this tutorial to learn how you can buy cryptocurrencies from EtherDelta. But before we do that, let us learn something about EtherDelta:

Facts about EtherDelta

  1. EtherDelta is a decentralized trading platform.
  2. It supports Ethereum based tokens only.
  3. The correct URL is : or

How to buy cryptocurrency from EtherDelta? Step by Step Guide

5 things to know before investing in Bitcoin and Altcoins

Investing in Bitcoin and other altcoins can be tempting looking at their returns. However, you should not jump in the boat without having any basic knowledge. Many people have lost thousands of dollars because they had no idea that they can lose their money. Since the blockchain concept is very new, people can be easily tricked and you may lose the entire sum in no time. So, I recommend you to take your time and learn about Bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain before jumping in the crypto world.

5 Things to Know before Investing in Bitcoins

NEO is 20 USD – Should you buy?

NEO has been falling ever since it touched 50USD. It showed some resistance at 40USD but then it started falling again. One week back, it was hovering around 30 USD. And just, when everything looked normal, China came up with ICO ban news and everyone went crazy and started selling their NEO. Post-September 4, NEO has been hovering around 20USD.

20 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2017 Q4

Want to play safe? Invest in these 4 coins


best coins to invest in

Well, Bitcoin needs no introduction, do they? They are simply the most reliable blockchain. Bitcoin can be called as the father of all altcoins. Currently, Bitcoin holds #1 position according to the crypto market cap.

Bitcoin is an asset/cryptocurrency whose price keeps going up and down. So, it is highly volatile. But when compared to any alt coins, you will find BTC to be more stable (except Ripple).