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Month: August 2017

Cryptocurrency Meetup Form

What is this?

This is a Crypto currency meetup form.

Why should I fill it?

We would be organising meetups in various cities. If you want to join us, please fill up the form.

Meetups? What would you discuss?

Everything about crypto currency.

What should I do after filling up the form?

Nothing. Sit tight. We will get in touch with you over an email/phone before conducting a meetup.

Sound’s cool? Fill up the form right now.


Things You Need to know before Investing in Cryptocurrency

For many of you, crypto currency is a new concept. You are still trying to figure out whether investing in cryptocurrency in India is legal or not? Do people actually make money through crypto currency? If yes, where do they invest their money in? How to get started with crypto currency? How much should you be investing? There must be many more questions that are running through your mind. We are planning to publish a lot of content in the coming week. However, in this article, I have tried to explain what are the things you need to keep in mind before you start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is highly volatile

ATC Coin Review – Is it Legit Or Scam?

Is ATC Coin legit or a Scam? You must be hearing a lot about a new coin, ATC, that was launched on the market a few months ago and ever since then, it is marketed as India’s first cryptocurrency. You must have been asked by your friend to invest in ATC coin as they must have told you that ATC coin is a super easy way of making crores of money quickly. They must have told you that ATC coin the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world.

TENX Coin (PAY) tokens: Should you invest in TenX?

Cryptocurrency is that slow and steady technology that is making its way up the rungs in the current market. Initially, the rise was discrete, but its exponential valuation is now raising the question of exchange. This is where TenX comes into play as it enters the race to develop one of the best crypto debit cards.

So, what exactly is a TenX Card?

How to Transfer NEO from Bittrex to NEO wallet

Guys, I have been holding NEO from the time it was ANTShares. They have now rebranded themselves to NEO.

And I have to admit that I was too lazy to send my NEO coins to the NEO wallet.

Now, I should have done this a long back but I do not know why I never cared.

Not that I did not try, but I was not getting any proper guide to transfer NEO from BITTREX to the NEO wallet. Plus, I did not want to get scammed by downloading a fake NEO wallet from Github or any other source.

What is the best strategy to make money with Cryptocurrency without losing your job?

When you are into a job, do not get high on crypto currency. Remember, your job is the first priority and checking prices of the coins every now and then can adversely affect your productivity.

So, should you forget about crypto currency?

How to buy Binance (BNB) coins from India?

To buy BNB coins in India, you will need to first add some BTC and buy BNB coins in exchange. As of now you can’t buy BNB from anywhere else expect the official Binance website.

In case you are just getting started, you will need to buy Bitcoins from Zebpay. (Here is the signup URL). You will need to verify your details and it may take some time to activate your account.