Why Should you Invest in Bitcoins

You might be wondering why you should invest in Bitcoins.

Actually, this is a very interesting question.

Now, to answer this let me tell you something.

You know, how men used to trade earlier?

Barter System: A man has a cow. But he needs to purchase 10KG rice. So he looks for someone who has the capacity to give him 10KG rice, and in return he should take his milk.

Looks easy, no?

Now just think, a person needs 50KG Rice and has a cow to offer. But the shopkeeper only has 25KG rice. How would the trade take place?

It was a real problem then.

Next came GOLD.

People use to exchange everything in exchange of GOLD.

But to buy something in large quantity, you had to carry a lot of Gold with you.

It was really cumbersome.

Then came the concept of coins and money.

Then came Banks.

Banks took the GOLD from them and in exchange gave them what we call today is FIAT CURRENCY or MONEY.

So, you might have heard that RESERVE BANK OF INDIA prints money on the basis of Gold they hold. So this is the actual story. Now, things might be clear to you.

So, who became rich? One who had lots of Gold.

Now, don’t you wish your forefathers had a lot of Golds? They should have collected a lots of Gold back then when the price of Gold was very less?

Can you now imagine how the prices of Gold might have increased?

And now Bitcoins.

Bitcoin is nothing but Gold V2.0

Bitcoin is cheap now.

It has all the potential to touch 100000USD a Bitcoin.

So that your grand children do not complaint why you did not buy Bitcoins when it was cheap, you should buy Bitcoins today.

Oh, did I tell you, no one owns Bitcoins. There is no Bitcoin office.

This is more like an open Internet. Who owns internet? No one.

Similarly, no one owns Bitcoins.

You are the owner of your own money.

You have all the control over your money.

No one can seize your money, not even any Government.

I must have forgotten to tell you that Bitcoins are highly secure and will be worth 1Million Dollars one day.

They are limited. Only 21 Million Bitcoins can ever be there.

One can mine only 1800 Bitcoins in a day.

The best thing is their charges are very negligible or almost zero. Just think the amount of money you would save when you need to send money to some other country.

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People from the US can buy BITCOINS directly from Coinbase (Sign Up), but Indians can’t. You also get Bitcoins worth 10 USD for free.

Indians can use the following platforms to buy Bitcoins:

  1. PocketBits: Sign Up
  2. Zebpay: Sign Up (200INR worth Bitcoin for free)
  3. Unocoin: Sign Up

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