How to shift Bitcoins from Pocketbits to Coinbase

If you have purchased BTC from Zebpay or Pocketbits, it is always safer to transfer the entire amount to your Coinbase account. If you do not have any account with Coinbase, I strongly recommend you to sign up with them. You will get 10 USD in your account by signing up with this link (only if you are from the US and trade 100USD Bitcoin with them). If you do not want it, you can directly head over to

How to transfer BTC from Pocketbits to your Coinbase Wallet?

Well, the process is really simple, but since you are doing it for the first time, you may find it a little complex.

Do not worry, I am here to walk you through the entire process:

Step1: Sign in to your Coinbase wallet.

Step 2: Click on Dashboard. On the right, you will see View all accounts. Click on it.

bitcoin transferring to coinbase


transfer bitcoins to coinbase wallet

Step 4: Copy your Bitcoin Wallet Address

Step 5: Go to and login to your account. On the left-hand side, from the menu, Click on Withdraw/Deposit

Step 6: Enter the BTC amount and the Coinbase BTC wallet address

Now, enter the Bitcoin Value and enter the Coinbase BTC wallet address And hit the submit button. Please note that you need to copy your BTC wallet address from the Coinbase, and not the ETH or LTC wallet address. Warming - BE careful while entering the Coinbase wallet address here.

Once you have hit the submit button, you will get an SMS and an email from Pocketbits stating that the bitcoin has been sent to your Coinbase wallet.

It is advised that you only enter up to 3 digits after decimal while entering the AMOUNT IN BTC in Pocketbits. The reason being, while transferring the amount from your Pocketbits to Coinbase wallet, there will be small deduction which will be adjusted from the Bitcoins you hold in your Pocketbits account.

Sometimes, it may take some time to reflect in your Coinbase wallet. Do not worry. Check after some time, it should reflect in your account within 30 minutes.

One more thing to note here is, after transferring BTC from Pocketbits to Coinbase wallet, you may find that the amount shown in your Coinbase wallet is very less compared to the price you paid to buy the bitcoins. However, you should not worry. Coinbase displays the US price, which is very different from where you have purchased(usually higher by a good margin). The thing is the amount of BTC you purchased should more or less remain equal.

While selling BTC, you can shift it to Pocketbits account and sell at a higher price from what it is mentioned in your Coinbase wallet.

I hope everything is clear about how you can transfer BTC from Pocketbits or Zebpay account to Coinbase. If you have any doubt, please comment down below.