Power Ledger - Is it a good investment?

There's a considerable buzz about POWR tokens and the technology behind it. I stumbled upon Power Ledger after browsing through a list of upcoming ICO's. They claim they are the first Australian ICO in the world of blockchain technology. A lot of investors swear by the project and have made large future projections. While there is no shortage of many altcoins in today's market, Power Ledger has an excellent team with a lot of supporters rooting for them.


Power Ledger is a blockchain energy trading platform which enables clients to sell their extra solar power to their neighbours without a mediator.

POWR Whitepaper Review

  • Very well written intro — it addresses questions like “why society needs an energy trading platform”.
  • Excellent team with a strong background in the energy sector.
  • Many application in the works with no detailed explanation of each.
  • Overall, the impression is that people in the solar business or solar rooftop owners who have heard about “Blockchain” could show interest.
In an ideal scenario, the tokens are what align the founders, users, and any other contributors of the value-add network. Anyone who participates in the token sale is as speculative as you or me about the future outcomes. It is a given that the Whitepaper is written “in good faith, but no warranties or guarantees given. Their technology is for the energy sector, who already hold a fair share of Decentralised Energy System concepts. Power Ledger does a great job explaining why this time around it will stand out from the rest, utilizing the characteristics of blockchain technology.

Takeaway from POWR

POWR coins are now available on Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia & Coinigy in healthy volumes. The ICO price was between  0.8 - 0.11 cents and has reached 0.82 cents as of today! Much is yet to be seen about how this project finally unravels with the promises made in their whitepaper. While some argue their technology to be disruptive in nature, others find that there are companies out there striving to do the same. One must consider the Australian Governments involvement with this project, which has given a lot of investors confidence in cryptocurrencies and the governments approach towards them.

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