How to convert Bitcoins to Ethereum?

It is a shame that in some countries we can't buy Ethereum directly or takes a lot of time. Well, it may take some time for them to realize how important it is to set up Ethereum friendly exchanges. Whoever creates it now, may draw a lot of users towards their exchange.

Accounts you would need:

Changelly: Sign up here

Coinbase: Sign up here

Bitcoin: To buy Ethereum or any other cryptocurrencies, you would need to have Bitcoins first. If you do not have Bitcoins, I suggest you buy some. Start by creating an account with Zebpay or Pocketbits. Once you have bitcoins, it is time to convert them to Ethereum.

So if you still have not signed up with Changelly and Coinbase, I would suggest you to do it now.

Let's begin:

Converting Bitcoins to Ethereum

1. Go to Changelly: Enter the Bitcoin amount. Keep it restricted to 3 digits after the decimal.
2. Copy your Ethereum wallet address. Enter.
3. Changelly will then ask you to transfer the EXACT amount of BTC to their wallet.
4. Copy their wallet address and send them BTC. Wait for some time for the process to get completed.

After some time, it will show you the ETH amount in your Coinbase wallet.

Is there any other way to convert Bitcoins to Ethereum?

Yes, you can do it by using Poloneix. Check this article where I have explained everything step by step.

Where to store your Ethereum?

Once you own some Ethereum, it is your responsibility to store them safely. Hence, I asked you to sign up with Coinbase.

Coinbase is safe wallet where you can store your Ethereum safely. But does that mean Coinbase can't be hacked? Yes, it can be. But chances are negligible.

How about Poloneix? I have written a complete review of Poloneix which you can read it here.

You can even store them offline in a paper wallet. But then, someone can steal it too.

I would advise you to diversify your cryptocurrencies, and store in different places.


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