buy ehtereum in India

How to buy Ethereum in India?

Well, I understand the pain you are going through to buy Ethereum in India. With so much information here and there, it is very difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. Do not worry, BharataFinance is the one-stop solution for all your queries.

Today, I would be answering how you can buy Ethereum in India. But before that, I suggest you create accounts with all these websites - See here

buy ehtereum in India

Ethereum is the future of Technology. Companies like Microsoft and IBM have seen the potential of Etherium and they are investing heavily iinit. And this makes it a perfect time to enter the market. One month back ETH was less than 100 USD, and it is currently priced at 250 USD. Would you like to wait more before stepping in? Don't.

It is predicted that Ethereum may touch 2000 USD by the end of December 2018

We all have already witnessed the growth of Bitcoin. Ethereum, on the other hand, has just started growing. This is why you should get on the train as soon as possible. The price is touching high every other day.

Jump in before Ethereum touches 300USD (Oops, it just crossed 300 USD).

Jump in before ETH hits 350USD

Is Ethereum Legal?

It is. There is a difference between being legal and being authorized by the Government. Ethereum is a technology. Cryptocurrencies are still new. And it will take some time for people to understand. The Government, at this point of time, is not regulating the price of Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other crypto currencies, which is why you may see different price BUY and SELL prices. It means that you can invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, but the risk is yours.

Do not confuse Not YET AUTHORISED with illegality.

Japan has accepted BTC as a legal form of payment. I am sure it is just a matter of time for the other countries to accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to accept cryptocurrencies as their legal form of payment.

How to purchase Ethereum in India?

There are many exchanges, but they are either very complex or take months to activate your account. If you do not want to wait forever, this is what you can do.

Accounts you would need:

1. Sign up with Zebpay: They are fast, super fast - Signup Link

2. Sign up with MEW: Read the guide here> MEW Sign Up

3. Signup with Changelly: Sign Up Link It is now time to convert your Bitcoins to Ethereum.

How to Convert Bitcoins to Ethereum

You can use various methods. However, I prefer Changelly to any other cryptocurrencies converter.

  1. Login to Changelly.
  2. Enter the BITCOIN amount you would like to exchange. It will show the equivalent ETH you would get in exchange. Hit the exchange button.

3. Review the details in the next step. Click Next.

4. Enter Recipient's address: Here you need to enter your ETH wallet address of your MyEtherwallet account. Hit Next.

5. Confirm and make the payment. Be careful and check all the details before processing.

changelly 5

6. Then, it will show you their Bitcoin wallet address. Copy their BTC wallet address.

7. Head over to your Coinbase/Zebpay account and send them the exact BTC amount and wait for them to confirm.

Once it is transferred to their account, after some time, ETH will be displayed in your My Ether Wallet. Tada! Done. Happy Investing.

Update 1: You can also buy Ethereum from Poloniex. The detailed guide is mentioned here.

Update 2: How to buy Ethereum for cheap?

To reduce the transactional charges, you can do this:


  1. Buy from Zebpay or Pocketbits.
  2. Login to changelly and follow all the steps till step 6 as mentioned above.
  3. In step 7, instead of sending it from your wallet, send BTC to Changelly directly from your Pocketbits wallet. So, this way you will be saving one transactional cost.

If you have any doubts, feel free to drop a comment and I will be happy to help.

How to buy Ethereum using your Credit Card/Debit Card in India?

If you are looking to buy Ethereum directly, head over to this website. You will be able to buy using your credit card/debit card from an International exchange.

How to buy Ethereum using INR in India

  1. Ethx: Use this link to sign up and get 700 INR Ether for free. You can learn more about in this blog post.

2. Koinex: Use this link to sign up and get 100 INR credit for free. Read the complete review of Koinex and how to use Koinex to buy Ethereum.

So many sites. Where should you actually buy Ethereum from?

Well, that depends. You should probably have accounts with all the above-mentioned sites. At the time of buying, look at the price in all the above-mentioned exchange and whichever site is providing Ethereum at the cheapest rate, go with them.

I have purchased Ethereum. What's next?

If you have purchased Ethereum, it is now time to shift them to a safe wallet.

If you can afford hardware wallet, go for Nano Ledger S.

Alternately, you can also create an account with MEW and store your Ether safely. Read this guide to understand how to create an account with MEW.

Want to get started with multiple cryptocurrencies? Create accounts on all these websites - Click Here