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How to buy Bitcoins from PocketBits? - A complete Guide

Is Pocketbits a trustable site to buy Bitcoins in India? I have seen people talking a lot about Unocoin and Zebpay. I have hardly seen people talk about Pockebits. I feel since they have not spent a huge amount on advertising, people do not know much about them. I have found Pockebits to be really professional and is one of the best Indian site to buy Bitcoins from.

In the past half year or so, cryptocurrency trading has gained considerable traction in the Indian community and consequent of Darwin’s co-evolution principle, so have the Indian trading platforms evolved. Though available in plenty today, not more than a year ago, individuals actively participating in cryptocurrency and blockchain in India, had to be solely dependent upon foreign options for trading and wallets. Since then, the scenario has changed significantly, with a plethora of options available to individuals now. However, the availability of platforms and their increasing numbers have spurred a chaotic situation in the minds of novice traders who, apart from following the trend in Bitcoin, are more than confused and perplexed by the intricate nature of the crypto world.

Pocketbits review

PocketBits, operating since 2016, is one such Made-in-India cryptocurrency exchange platform. However, it would be unfair on my part if I don’t mention what is that makes PocketBits shine in all the clutter in this domain. PocketBits, unlike any other Indian cryptocurrency exchange platform, allows the users to buy from the plethora of Altcoins introduced or existing in the cryptocurrency market around the world using the Indian currency, i.e. INR. Thus, it relieves the Indian users of all the hassles of converting INR to Bitcoin (BTC) to buy altcoins, which was quite cumbersome a process in itself.

In this article, we provide a detailed Step-by-Step guide on how to buy BTC from PocketBits.

To pique your interest in their platform, PocketBits provides a new user with free Bitcoin worth INR 100 and INR 200 on first purchases of INR 2000 and INR 5000 respectively. Setting up a trading account with PocketBits is an easy-to-do job where the user, apart from the perfunctory details such as name, email-id and phone number, is required to submit only his/her PAN card for KYC verification.

Getting started with Pocketbits?

Step 1: Go to www.pocketbits.in, where you’ll be greeted with the promotional free Bitcoin offer.

Step 2: If you’re a first time user, click on “Let’s Get Started” to begin the Signup process, as marked in red.

Step 3: Following successful signup, transacting on PocketBits requires the KYC verification to be completed by the user. KYC verification requires the user to submit an image of PAN card following which PocketBits team initiates the KYC. A thing worth applauding is that my KYC verification was completed by PocketBits within less than 59 minutes.

Taking a closer look at Pocketbits

Three simple steps and you are all set to buy Bitcoins and altcoins on PocketBits. Once you’re ready to trade, the next step should obviously be researching with a primary focus on tracking and monitoring the prices of numerous coins available at PocketBits. Going to https://www.pocketbits.in/AltCoins allows you to go through numerous details about each coin, such as their individual Market Cap, per coin Price, Availability supply, and most importantly, changes in prices in the last 24 hours.

Once you have researched, tried to analyze, pulled your hair, and then finally gave up understanding which coin to buy, next step to move forward to is buying Bitcoin. Yes, you read it right, no matter what you would have read and understood, Bitcoin is the de facto cryptocurrency to make your first investments.

How to Buy Bitcoins on Pocketbits

Step 1: After logging on Pocketbits, you’ll be redirected to your profile page, https://www.pocketbits.in/Profile as shown below.

Step 2: Before buying Bitcoin, you need to deposit INR to the Pocketbits account. Click on Deposit button, as marked by the arrow above.

To deposit INR, you can choose either of the banks and transfer money through IMPS/NEFT, following which you need to enter the deposit details in the form as highlighted below.

Step 3 : Next, in the navigation panel on the left, click on Buy/Sell BTC, which will present a form as highlighted. In the form,  enter the INR value of the amount of BTC you want to buy and click on Submit.

And voila! You’ve successfully stepped into the world of cryptocurrency with your first purchase of BTC.

Why should you use Pocketbits to buy Bitcoins?

No site is as fast as Pocketbits.

Plus, their UI is very simple.

I really like their 59-minute support.

You can also buy altcoins from Pocketbits.

Start using Pockbits to buy Bitcoins in India.

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