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What is the best strategy to make money with Cryptocurrency without losing your job?

When you are into a job, do not get high on crypto currency. Remember, your job is the first priority and checking prices of the coins every now and then can adversely affect your productivity.

So, should you forget about crypto currency?

Certainly not. Invest in some good coins, and forget about them. Do not keep checking the price every now and then. Either you can invest all the money at a time, or keep investing as SIP. Investing in

Either, you can invest all the money at a time, or keep investing as SIP. Investing in good cryptocurrencies can get you 100 to 500 percent return in one year. Sometimes it may also be over 1000 percent.

Which are the three cryptocurrencies to consider investing your money in?

1. Bitcoin - 40 Percent - SOLID and the KING

2. Ethereum - 30 Percent - STABLE

3. NEO - 30 percent - THE MONEY MAKER

People who can take more risk may invest more percentage of their money in NEO.

Why not other ALT coins?

Other alt coins look promising but can certainly their volatility would be much higher than these 3 coins. If Bitcoins go down by 50 percent, it will be back in no time, and from what I have seen every time it dips, it comes back stronger.

Whereas the other coins are still new. It will take them another 2-3 years to be more stable.

If you invest in them, you will need to keep a close look at them every day. Any bad news and it can just come down to almost zero in no time. Still, if you would like to invest in ALT coins, do it after 6 months from the profit you make from the above-mentioned coins.

Invest little and forget about them. Even if the project fails, you are not just risking your profit. It should not matter much.

Which are the 3 ALT coins recommend?

Again, before I name my favorite 3 picks, let me warn you. The choices may change the next day. At present, I would like to recommend:


2. CVC

3. BNB

Do your own research. See you again later!

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