5 Crypto Youtubers (Youtube Channels) to Follow

New to the world of crypto?

Inundated by the over-flow of information and advice all around you?

Confused by the plethora of tokens your well-meaning crypto neighbours are throwing at your face?

Well, your friendly neighbourhood Crypto Youtubers are here to save the day, or at least lend you a helping hand. From technical analysis to coin reviews, from current affairs to fresh-off-the-oven rumours, social media has everything on offer for you. But sifting through hours of uploaded video content can make you feel lost. So here’s a short break-down of some of the most well-known cryptocurrency reviewers on Youtube.

Nicholas Merten (Data Dash) - My Personal Favorite Crypto Youtuber

The lovable Nicholas Merten will serve you a full course meal, sharing all relevant information that would help you decide whether a coin is worth investing in. He typically starts with the critical sections of the whitepaper, goes over the profiles of the team members, delves into some basic technical analysis of the price action of the coin, and finally concludes with his own insights as to why this particular coin might be worth your consideration. In some cases, he also provides suitable entry points in case you’re willing to make a purchase. His unassuming style and subdued sense of humour make his videos a pleasure to watch. In the spirit of fairness, let me mention that Data Dash is my favourite of the lot, and this particular paragraph might be laced with a pinch of bias.


David Hay

David Hay is possibly the most under-rated Youtuber in this list. He is a person who firmly believes in the world-changing power of crypto and blockchain. He has family back in Venezuela, and crypto has empowered him to send money back to his home without getting entangled in the red tape of banks and middlemen. This is where his conviction arises from, and his passion reflects in all his videos. He is less of a technical analysis guy, and more of a story-teller. Watch his videos to get a deeper understanding of how crypto can actually solve real-life problems. And don’t forget to give them some much-deserved love.


Michael Suppo (Suppoman)

Possibly the loudest reviewer out there, Suppoman's in-your-face style will remind you of that teacher in high school who would struggle to convince you that his what he is teaching correct. A self-proclaimed EoS lover, he’ll try to find every opportunity to persuade you to buy his choice of coins. Why do I recommend his videos then? For one, his videos are made with a certain screaming sense of style, which set them apart from the other reviewers. Secondly, his AMA (or ask me anything) sessions are quite fun to watch, as he entertains a host of questions, with some being outright lewd. But most importantly, he picks out coins which haven’t caught the public fancy yet. You can watch his videos here.


Michael Gu (Boxmining)

A writer with a unique alias for a crypto reviewer, Michael Gu covers a wide range of topics in his videos. Apart from the usual videos that deal with coin analysis and news reports, he has some really informative guides and tutorials on basic things like settings up a MEW wallet, or transferring ERC20 tokens from one wallet to another. I personally found his video on setting up a Ledger Nano S to be extremely useful when I was just starting out. There’s a certain calm and lucid approach in his videos, which makes them extremely easy to follow for new entrants to the cryptosphere. For a well rounded view on all matters crypto, do look through Boxmining’s videos on Youtube first.



Ian Balina - Crypto Youtuber known for picking ICOs

No list on crypto Youtubers can be complete without a mention of Ian Balina. The self-proclaimed “Made Man” is loved by a lot, hated by many, and envied by everyone. His ICO (initial coin offering) reviews are his claim to fame. He maintains an ICO review excel file which is freely accessible to whoever would care to take a look. In this file, he carefully scrutinizes upcoming ICOs, grades them on the basis of his pre-defined parameters, and also mentions whether he is making an investment. He has made a fortune by investing/flipping/HODLing ICO tokens, and has been accused by many of doing paid reviews to further his cause. Whatever be the case, this is one man who can make a coin move with one tweet. Check out his channel here.


There are lots of other channels worth a mention here – Ivan on Tech, Crypto Gat, Doug Polk and Crypto Lark to name a few. Take your time, go over them, and choose your poison. And remember, whatever someone might say, always explore multiple point of views before forming your opinion. After all, you don’t know who is actually trying to help you and who is just aiming to dump his bags of coin on you.

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