ATC Coin Review – Is it Legit Or Scam?

Is ATC Coin legit or a Scam? You must be hearing a lot about a new coin, ATC, that was launched on the market a few months ago and ever since then, it is marketed as India's first cryptocurrency. You must have been asked by your friend to invest in ATC coin as they must have told you that ATC coin is a super easy way of making crores of money quickly. They must have told you that ATC coin the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world.

So let us figure out if ATC coin is a scam?

While doing some research on ATC coins, I found some Youtube videos mentioning how you can invest in ATC coins and how you can refer your friends too. Well, a step by step guide was really helpful but then there seemed to be something fishy. I have been following cryptocurrency closely from quite some time now and I have hardly seen any coin paying for referring friends. This is where I wanted to dig deep and what I found out was really shocking.

Plus, the minimum amount you would need to invest to be their affiliate is 1,00,000 INR. Whooping 1544USD. Why would one need to invest 1500USD when the coin is available for cheap?

Investing in ATC Coin = Investing in an MLM Scheme

What is an MLM Scheme? You become a fool by paying your hard earned money. Now, you need to look for fools and make them pay to get your money back. Please understand that crypto currency is not an MLM scheme, so it is better not to mix both.

ATC Coin Website - Review

The website is incomplete. Their homepage says they have 51.5K fans in Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, when you click on it, you would hardly find any social accounts with that many followers. From the time of registration, it has been 5 months and still, their website is incomplete. I wonder how will they complete the promises they are making.

From the time of registration, it has been 5 months and still, their website is incomplete. I wonder how will they complete the promises they are making.

ATC Coin is Going up Everyday - Should I invest?

The price is undoubtedly increasing every day. And this might look tempting. But do not let the price fool you. The price is increasing because no one is allowed to sell. Only cash is flowing in. But you are not able to withdraw your funds. So, the profit you see is not the real profit. Once people understand the concept behind the ATC coin, they will stop investing or no more invest. That is when the price will go constant, and the people associated with the company who holds big shares will start withdrawing, and you may see the price go down in one day. What's worst?

You will not be able to withdraw.

Reasons why I feel ATC Coin is Fake and not Genuine

  1. No proper information of who owns it.
  2. No proper information of the technology they are into.
  3. Incomplete website
  4. No roadmap

ATC Coin Compensation Plan

  1. Invest 1,00,000 INR and get 50,000 ATC Coin instantly.
  2. Get 4,500 ATC coin every month for the next 18 months.
  3. Level 1 affiliates earn 10 percent for every member they bring.
  4. Level 2 and Level 3 affiliates earn 3 percent
  5. Level 4 to 8 earn 2 percent commission, and
  6. Level 9 to 11 affiliates earn 1.5 percent commission.

Okay but I heard, 5,000 INR is the minimum investment. Why are you saying 1,00,000?

Well, as an investor, 5000 INR is the minimum investment. But as an affiliate marketer, you would need to pay 1,00,000 to promote their coins and make any profit by getting your friends join the coin.

Can you sell ATCC/ ATC Coins?

You can't sell ATCC as it comes with 18 months lock-in period. You need to get people on board and refer them. Whatever commissions you get, you are allowed to withdraw that only. And not the whole amount.

Plus, what technology is ATC Coins talking about?

Nothing worthy.

When you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency, invest in technology, not in any MLM schemes.

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I would not suggest you to invest in any MLM schemes. Invest your money wisely. But again, I am not a financial advisor. You are free to decide.

While doing some research, I also found some websites mentioning ATC coin as a quick way to earn 1 crore easily. Well, had I been in your place I would have stayed far away from ATC coins.

There are so many alternatives. Some really interesting technology. Real projects. Invest in those companies and it will create you a fortune. Not in any MLM Coins.

Also, ATC coins come with a lock-in period. This means, even if the prices go up, you would not be able to sell. You will need to wait for 18 months. Do you think that is a good sign?

Do not trust everything you see on the internet.

Well, this review of ATC coin is my personal opinion. It was an attempt to make aware of ATC Coin. It is your money. I am not saying that ATC Coin is a complete scam. However, if I would have been in your place, I would not have invested a penny in ATC Coim. Do your research and see if ATCC interests you.

If you want to understand more, you can do it by booking a call.